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RSV protection starts with you

The following resources are available for download or to watch on this site. They can help you better understand RSV disease and premature babies, and give you invaluable help in discussing RSV disease with your patients' parents.

Burden of disease poster

A poster to help you and your patients better understand the burden that RSV disease can place on a family due to re-hospitalizations.

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Parent brochure

A brochure about RSV disease to give to your patients' parents.

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The respiratory system of premature infants

Underdeveloped and highly susceptible to infection.

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Customizing your EMR: The benefits to you and your patients

Hear from your peers as they share their stories about adding custom features to their electronic medical record (EMR) system to help improve office efficiency and overall patient care.

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A Review of the REPORT Study Data on the Burden of Severe RSV Disease

Learn about the REPORT Study that examines the burden of RSV disease in 32-35 wGA infants in the US and highlights the significant risk RSV posts to late-preterm infants.

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Severe RSV Disease - The Consequences for High-risk Patients and Their Families

Learn more about the consequences of severe RSV disease for high-risk patients and their families.

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